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Mentorship Program

WILL's student to student Mentorship Program partners Laurier students who possess similar interests and goals. Both Mentors and Mentees work closely together to foster a relationship that benefits the growth and development of each other. As a part of this program, you will have the opportunity to participate in many engaging events with your Mentor/Mentee such as group workout classes, socials, speaker events and more!

Over the past three years of coordinating this initiative, WILL has had an astounding 300+ participants across the program!



Value of Being a Mentor

  • Enhance your leadership and interpersonal skills

  • Meet like-minded students and expand your social network

  • Increase your involvement in the Laurier community


Value of Being a Mentee

  • Meet like-minded students and expand your social network

  • Get your questions about course work, projects and career paths answered

  • Receive relevant advice and unbiased feedback



Aashna, 2022/23

"Being a mentee with the WILL mentorship program truly shaped my experience at laurier. As a first year, I felt so lost and overwhelmed with everything going on around me and having a mentor throughout this process really grounded me and helped me enjoy university. My mentor was truly like my big sister, she helped me whenever I needed with whatever I needed and I truly am grateful for the bond we shared and the experiences we had. My favourite memory with my mentor will still be all the times we would sit in byte after class just talking about our days or doing little study dates!"

Niki, 2022/23

"I am so glad to have joined the mentorship program in first year as a mentee! It helped me feel so supported and it also prepared me to become a mentor myself. Now I get the chance to guide other students through the same obstacles that I went through. It is very rewarding and I highly encourage everyone to sign up!!"

Rachel, 2022/23

"Being a mentor through WILL allowed me to give advice to first year students that I didn't have when I was in their position. I was able to form a meaningful connection with someone with similar interests and be a leader in the Laurier community. It truly was a rewarding experience and I wish I would have been a mentee in my first year! WILL has a great community that feels like a sisterhood, I would definitely recommend joining!"

Learn more about our Mentorship Program from our Instagram!

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